I'm committed!

I have resolved to commit myself to peace, sovereignty and the greatness of France and I call on all those who want to defend this same ideal to join me!

With my teams, I will tirelessly work to combat misinformation and the single narrative, to restore truths, open minds and opinions about the true stakes of current conflicts, but also to defend the values and traditions that constitute the identity and unity of populations.

I will continuously promote a multipolar world, aiming for the flourishing and development of peoples while respecting their history, culture, and identity. I will tirelessly advocate for the essential values of education and knowledge, as well as for listening between peoples, the only conditions for understanding and therefore lasting peace among nations.

I remain faithful to the political thinking of General de Gaulle, my grandfather, who, beyond the circumstances and difficulties of his era, defended the freedom of peoples to determine their own destiny, as well as the necessity of a friendly and partnership-based relationship with Russia, the sole guarantor of prosperity and peace in France, the Francophonie, and the world.

With my teams, I am fully dedicated to continuing this policy, which defends the peace, sovereignty, and greatness of France, and I call upon all those who wish to uphold this same ideal to join me.

Pierre de Gaulle

Pierre de Gaulle

« There is a twenty-year-old pact between the greatness of France and the freedom of the world. »
Charles de Gaulle

Youngest son of Admiral de Gaulle and grandson of the General, I was born in 1963 in a France loving traditions and fundamental values, such as family, faith, honor and respect for others. . I received a classical education, made up of rigor, curiosity and openness to the world. Love of the Fatherland and the French was a permanent rule. The greatness of France, maintaining its rank in the world, its prestige, its diversity and its excellence were a constant concern, and more than a commitment, a true way of life.

History and general culture, especially literature and the knowledge of the ancients, constituted, in my family, the basis of all understanding and maturity in the knowledge of people and politics. Without knowledge of the culture of populations and respect for their identity, there can be no peace or lasting prosperity between Nations.

Since a young age, I have been nourished by international politics. Decades of work in the economic, banking and energy fields have enriched my experience and completed my vision and my analysis. I believe in progress, as well as the benefits of modernity and technology, but without alienation from thought, spirituality, or duty.

I grew up in a France of great projects and progress, which forgot neither wars, nor persecutions and misfortunes and remembered its victories! We knew that freedom and prosperity can only be achieved through sacrifice and constant effort. Faith sustained us and our education prepared us. Children are our love, our fulfillment and our future. This is why truly building peace in the world requires education and the value of example.

In my family, we live with the notion of the sacred. Without this, humanity’s quest is in vain. It cannot in fact be reduced to an individual existence, in a world where the loss of bearings is compensated by the cult of consumption, luxury and the ego. I was raised to respect the values of work and duty, as well as an international perspective. The family life that I subsequently had the pleasure of building gave me a multicultural dimension, essential to understanding and harmony between peoples.

I believe in French common sense and popular democracy. I believe in what brings us together, in an ideal of construction, effort and sharing. I believe in this great cause of France, which has made our history, our culture, our wealth and our reputation in the world.

Pierre de Gaulle

I call on us to unite for peace and to rebuild the France of my grandfather, for all French people and those who love our country, its traditions, its fundamental values and its freedom.

De Gaulle, oui !


Emmanuel Leroy

Consultant, Political analyst and international speaker.

Rima de Gaulle

Expert in international communications. Political scientist and translator.

Patrick Bessède

Entrepreneur and Trader. Initiator of radio-controlled model making in France (Éol'). Real estate expert and humanist

Éric Remisz

Engineer and entrepreneur. Expert in international project development and business transformation. Humanist

Didier Vialla

Commercial engineer, Reserve officer, passionate about geopolitics
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